Tor Rugby Minis and Juniors 2017-2018 Registration
Tor Rugby is in Glastonbury. We run fun and inclusive Mini and Juniors sessions on Sunday mornings at 10.30 for children in reception year onwards.

First two sessions free

We keep maintain membership fees as low as possible and don’t charge any
weekly fees. We use funds to provide free food after matches, buy new equipment and
pay for entry in tournaments.

U5 £25 - includes training top
U6 £25 - includes training top or shorts
U7-U12  £50 - includes match shirt or shorts
U13 £50 - includes shorts (match tops provided)

Free parent social membership (worth £15) incuded.
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How to Pay Fees

This year, we are using "Teamer" ( to collect payments online and help communicate with parents. After you have registered, you will be e-mailed one payment request per child to register with Teamer to make a payment.  This may take a few days - please check your e-mail. 

Please help us by using "Teamer" secure online payments. This year, we will not be accepting cash or cheques. A small charge will be added to cover our payment handling charges.

Queries to (put "REGISTRATION" in subject line)

This information will be repeated at the end of registration.
This form must be completed by a parent or guardian with responsibility for the registered child.

What is the player's first name? *

This needs to be their legal name, but if they prefer to be known by another name please give it in brackets ( )
What is {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}}'s last name? *

What is {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}}'s date of birth?

Thanks for that! Is {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} male or female? *

What school does {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} attend?

We now need to know where {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} lives.

What is the postcode? *

What is the rest of the address?

That's great! Nearly there....
We need to know who you are and how you are related to  {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}}.
First of all, what is your full name? *

Thanks! What is your relationship to {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}}?

What is your contact telephone number?

Who else can we call if there is an emergency (name and number)?

Even if you are always going to be on-site, we'd like to be able to contact somebody else. Just in case.
Does {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} have any medical conditions that their coach or any medical responder should be aware of? *

We may share these details with coaches, safeguarding officers, first-aiders, medical responders and the RFU. If you have any concerns, ask to speak to our safeguarding officers.

Code of Conduct

A responsible adult will remain on the Tor site with {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} throughout each home training session or game and will transport {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} to each away game. Children must not be left unattended under any circumstances.

{{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} will bring water to each session, will be appropriately clothed for the weather conditions and will have appropriate safety equipment as advised by coaches and in the handbook. U7 and above must have boots (recommended for U6 and U5).
U9 and above must have gum shields and scrum caps are recommended.

{{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} and I will treat the coaches and players with respect and abide by the codes of conduct laid out in the handbook.

I agree to the above.
Data Protection Statement *

Data held by us (Tor RFC) on children and their parents or guardians will be stored and used for
- Communication with parents regarding club administration, events and fees.
- Child safeguarding
- First aid and medical response
- Creation of RFU membership cards

We do not share data with third parties, except where listed below.

We share membership (including medical) and player registration data with the RFU. The RFU's privacy and data protection policies can be found and  The RFU may, from time to time, contact you for marketing purposes. Your data may also be retained by the RFU after you have left the club.

We also use third party applications to help us gather data and communicate with our members.
We use "Typeform" ( to gather registration data.
We user "Teamer" ( to communicate with parents regarding training and fixtures and to gather membership and additional payments. We share your name, e-mail address and phone number, as well as your child's name, with "Teamer" (

I understand and give consent for myself and my child:
Photography and Reporting

Video and photography is permitted by the club for the purposes of
- Promotional literature (including web sites and social media)
- Media reports
- Technical coaching
In addition, "passport"-style photos will be shared with the RFU.

If you have any concerns, please answer "No" and contact Dave Partlow, Club Safeguarding Officer

I understand and give consent for my child:
We'll e-mail you in the next few days with a link for you to pay your fees. It won't be straight away, so please check your mail.

We hope that {{answer_N66mWMs9G2Sr}} enjoys a great season of Rugby!

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